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Número de pieza DDA-003
Descripción 36Watts 24V Output External Adapter
Fabricantes YCL 
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36Watts 24V Output External Adapter
l UL safety meet.
l EMI/RFI meet VDE & FCC limit B.
l 2 Year Warranty.
Specifications: typical at nominal line, full load at 25°C.
Input Specifications:
General Specifications:
Input voltage: 36V to 72 Vdc
Efficiency: 80% typical at full load
Input current: 0.94A at 48 Vdc
EMI/RFI: VDE & FCC Class B limits
Output Specifications: (at -48Vdc Input) Dielectric Withstand:
Output Rating: +24V/1.5A
Input/output: 1500Vdc
Line Regulation: ± 1%
¬Safety Meet:
Load Regulation: ± 3% (Full to Half Load)
UL UL1950
Temperature Coefficient: ± 0.05% / °C
Switching frequency: 40kHz typical
Ripple & Noise: 100mVP-P max
Weight: 250g
¬¬See the picture
Environmental Specifications:
a. Over voltage protection.
a. Over power protection.
b. Short circuit protection.
c. Input Reverse protection.
Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C
Storage temperature: -20 to +85°C
Humidity: 5 to 95 % RH non-condensing
Vibration: 2.4G , 5 to 500Hz
Cooling: Free air convection
1. Vibration test: Three orthogonal axes, random vibration, 10 minutes for each axis.
2. Maximum output power is 36W.
3. At least 20% of load is required to obtain stable regulation.
4. Ripple & noise test method is measured at output terminal across a 0.1uF ceramic cap & a
10uF tantalum cap in parallel with a 20MHz bandwidth oscilloscope directly.
¬ Please refer the safety approval status on appendix 1, For latest safety approval status
Please consult YCL or visit
¬¬ Ripple & Noise Test Condition:
Date: Sep 19, 2003.
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