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Descripción Differential LVPECL Crystal Clock Oscillators
Fabricantes MERCURY 
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Differential LVPECL Crystal Clock Oscillators
HPK5361 Series 200 fsec Jitter +2.5V +3.3V “K” Family
‹ Femto second integrated phase jitter (200 fs typical, 12 KHz to 20 MHz)
‹ Superior phase noise (-138 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz and -144 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset).
‹ High performance with surprisingly low price.
‹ 2.5V or 3.3V supply voltage.
Since 1973
General Specifications
Product Series
Frequency Range
Output Logic
Frequency Stability
vs Operating Temperature
Supply Voltage VCC
HPK5361; K” family characteristics. Tri-State on pad 1
40 MHz ~ 200 MHz.
Differential PECL square wave
Stability Code
Commercial “ C ”::
-10°C to +70°C
Industrial I ”:
-40°C to +85°C
±25 ppm
±50 ppm
±100 ppm
Custom ±xx ppm
If custom, use “temperature range code + desired stability in ppm” for the stability code.
Example: “C20” (±20 ppm over -10 to +70°C).
+2.5 V ± 5 % (Voltage code is “25”); or +3.3 V ± 5 % (Voltage code is “3”)
Output Voltage HIGH “1”, VOH
VDD-1.025 V min.; VDD-0.95 V typical; VDD-0.88 V max. Condition: 50 ohms to VDD-2V
Output Voltage LOW “0”, VOL
VDD-1.810 V min.; VDD-1.70 V typical; VDD-1.62 V max. Condition: 50 ohms to VDD-2V
Output Swing
595 mV min; 750 mV typical; 930 mV max.
Current Consumption
Rise Time (Tr)
Fall Time (Tf)
Duty Cycle
35 mA typical; 50 mA max.
50 ohms into VCC-2V or Thevenin equivalent (terminating resistors required on all
0.3 n sec. typ; 0.5 n sec. max. 20%Æ80% of waveform
0.3 n sec. typ; 0.5 n sec. max. 80%Æ20% of waveform
50% ± 5% max. measured at 50% waveform
Tri-state Function on
pad No. 1
Phase Jitter (RMS)
SSB Phase Noise
(dBc/Hz). Typical
Start-up Time
125 MHz
If no connection or VDD*70% min is applied: Output. Internal pull-up
Oscillation disable time is 0.2 u sec max.
If VDD*30% max is applied: High impedance.
Current consumption is 10 uA typical
Oscillation enable time is 2 m sec. max.
200 fs typical (12 KHz to 20 MHz integrated)
10 Hz
100 Hz 1 kHz
10 kHz 100 kHz 1 MHz 10 MHz
-50 -82 -116 -138 -144 -149 -155
3 ms typical; 10 m sec. max.
±3 ppm / year max.
180 mm reel; 16 mm tape, 7.8 mm pitch. 1000 pcs per reel.
(1)Inclusive of 25°C tolerance, operating temperature range, ±10% input voltage variation, load change, aging at +25°C, shock and
Taiwan: TEL (886)-2-2406-2779, FAX (886)-2-2496-0769, e-mail: [email protected]
U.S.A.: TEL (1)-909-466-0427, FAX (1)-909-466-0762, e-mail: [email protected]
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Date: January 24, 2011
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3HPK5361-A155.520Differential LVPECL Crystal Clock OscillatorsMERCURY

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