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Número de pieza PT2313L
Descripción 4-Channel Audio Processor IC
Fabricantes Princeton Technology Corp 
Logotipo Princeton Technology Corp Logotipo

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Princeton Technology Corp.
4-Channel Audio Processor IC
Tel : 886-2-29162151
Fax: 886-2-29174598
PT2313L is a four-channel digital control audio processor utilizing CMOS Technology. Volume, Bass,
Treble and Balance, Front/Rear Fader Processor are incorporated into a single chip. Loudness Function
and Selectable Input Gain are also provided to build a highly effective electronic audio processor having
the highest performance and reliability with the least external components. All functions are
programmable using the I2C Bus. The pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy
PCB layout and cost saving advantage for audio application. Housed in a 28-pin DIP/SO Package,
PT2313L is pin-to-pin compatible with TDA7313 and is very similar in performance with the later.
! CMOS Technology
! Least External Components
! Treble and Bass Control
! Loudness Function
! 3 Stereo Inputs with Selectable Input Gain
! Input/Output for External Noise Reduction System/Equalizer
! 4 Independent Speaker Controls for Fader and Balance
! Independent Mute Function
! Volume Control in 1.25 dB/step
! Low Distortion
! Low Noise and DC Stepping
! Controlled by I2C Bus Micro-Processor Interface
! Pin-to-pin Compatible with TDA7313
! Car Stereo (Audio)
! Hi-Fi Audio System
Note: Purchase of I2C Component of Princeton Technology Corporation (PTC) conveys a license under Philips I2C Patent Right to use
these components in any I2C System, provided that the system conforms to the I2C Standard Specification defined by Philips
PT2313L v 1.6
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Revised Sept. 1999

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