OZ9938 Equivalent ( Datasheet, PDF )

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2 OZ9938   LCDM Inverter Controller

OZ9938 Change Summary CHANGES No. 1. 2. Applicable Section Electrical Characteristics Throughout datasheet Description Update 慞rotection release threshold in ‘Timer & protection’ parameter Min & Max limits Miscellaneous changes Page(s) 3 --- REVISION HISTORY Revision No. 0.60 0.65 Description o
O2 Micro
O2 Micro
datasheet OZ9938 pdf
1 OZ9938GN   LCDM Inverter Controller

Dear Henry; After 252,500pcs of OZ9938GN-A2 delivery then will transfer to OZ9938GN-B. z 67,500 rev A2: 3/10 z 185,000 rev A2 3/27. Best Regards; Jonathan Shao An Won Enterprise Co.,LTD. Tel:886-2-2696-2450 Fax:886-2
datasheet OZ9938GN pdf

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Número de pieza Descripción Fabricantes PDF

Modern EU gaming Machines require increased +12V current to accommodate the latest gaming peripherals. DC Converters have been engineered with Sanken’s latest technology to efficiently convert redundant power from our lamp gaming PSU and provide additional +12V capacity at the point of use.

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