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2 GP130   Diode (spec sheet)

American Microsemiconductor
American Microsemiconductor
datasheet GP130 pdf
1 GP1300   (GP1xxx) High Voltage Diode Rectifiers

DIOTEC ELECTRONICS CORP. 18020 Hobart Blvd., Unit B Gardena, CA 90248 U.S.A Tel.: (310) 767-1052 Fax: (310) 767-7958 a D . VOIDw FREE VACUUM DIE SOLDERING FOR MAXIMUM MECHANICAL STRENGTH AND HEAT DISSIPATION w (Solder Voids: Typical < 2%, Max. < 10% of Die Area) w LOW FORWARD VOLTAGE DROP HIGH CURR
Diotec Electronics
Diotec Electronics
datasheet GP1300 pdf

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Número de pieza Descripción Fabricantes PDF

Modern EU gaming Machines require increased +12V current to accommodate the latest gaming peripherals. DC Converters have been engineered with Sanken’s latest technology to efficiently convert redundant power from our lamp gaming PSU and provide additional +12V capacity at the point of use.

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