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2 BCR16PM-12L   Isolated Triac 16 Amperes/400-600 Volts

BCR16PM Powerex, Inc., 200 Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania 15697-1800 (412) 925-7272 Isolated Triac 16 Amperes/400-600 Volts OUTLINE DRAWING C 5.2 1.2 D J A E H Description: A triac is a solid state silicon AC switch which may be gate triggered from an off-state to an on-state for eith
Powerex Power Semiconductors
Powerex Power Semiconductors
datasheet BCR16PM-12L pdf
1 BCR16PM-12LG   Triac Medium Power Use

BCR16PM-12LG Triac Medium Power Use REJ03G1511-0100 Rev.1.00 Feb 14, 2007 Features • • • • IT (RMS) : 16 A VDRM : 600 V IFGTI, IRGTI, IRGT III : 30 mA Viso : 2000V • The Product guaranteed maximum junction temperature 150°C • Insulated Type • Planar Type • UL R
Renesas Technology
Renesas Technology
datasheet BCR16PM-12LG pdf

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Número de pieza Descripción Fabricantes PDF

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