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Descripción Two-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
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LB1863M Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
LB1863M, LB1869M
Monolithic Digital IC
Two-Phase Brushless
Motor Driver
The LB1863M and LB1869M are 2-phase unipolar brushless motor
drivers that are provided in a miniature flat package that contributes to
end product miniaturization and supports automatic mounting. These
products support the implementation of motor drive lock protection and
automatic recovery circuits, and alarm specifications with a minimal
number of external components.
Features and Functions
Hall elements can be connected directly to the IC itself.
1.5-A output current output transistors built in
Rotation detection function that provides a low-level output during
motor drive and a high-level output when the motor is stopped
Motor lock protection and automatic recovery functions built in
Thermal shutdown circuit
Switching noise can be reduced with an external ceramic capacitor.
System Voltage
12V LB1869M
24V LB1863M
Note: The LB1869M and LB1863M are pin compatible so
that the same printed circuit board can be used for
both 12 V and 24 V products.
SOIC14 W / MFP14S (225 mil)
See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 7 of this data sheet.
© Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2014
August 2014 - Rev. 0
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4. Output protection function (C pin)
This pin connects the capacitor that forms the automatic recovery circuit. If rotation stops due to, for example, a
motor overload, the pin voltage rises and the output stops. The system automatically recovers from stopped to drive
mode when the load is set to an appropriate level. The lock detection time can be set by changing the value of the
For a 1-μF capacitor:Lock detection time
About 2 seconds
Lock protection time (output on) About 1 second
(output off) About 6 seconds
Automatic recovery circuit pin C voltage
While the blades are turning, the capacitor is charged with a current of about 3 μA (typical), and C is discharged by
pulses that correspond to the motor speed.
When the blades lock, the capacitor is no longer discharged, and the voltage across the capacitor increases. The
output is turned off when that voltage reaches 0.8 × VIN.
When the output is turned off, the capacitor is discharged at a current of about 0.44 μA (typical). When the
capacitor voltage falls under VTH2, if the lock state is not yet cleared the capacitor continues discharging until
VTH1. (Note that the output is turned on at this time.) These operations, i.e. items and , are repeated with a
ton:toff ratio of about 1:6 to protect the motor.
If the lock state has been cleared when the capacitor voltage reaches VTH2, motor rotation is started by turning the
output on.
5. Rotation detection signal (RD pin)
This is an open collector output, and outputs a low level in drive mode and a high level when the motor is stopped.
6. Radio-frequency noise reduction function (B1 and B2 pins)
These are base pins for Darlington pair outputs. Add capacitors of about 0.01 to 0.1 μF if radio-frequency noise is a
7. Thermal shutdown function
Turns off the output in response to coil shorting or IC overheating.
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