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AN-SY7152 Función - High Efficiency 1MHz 2A Step Up Regulator - Silergy

Número de pieza AN-SY7152
Descripción High Efficiency 1MHz 2A Step Up Regulator
Fabricantes Silergy 
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AN-SY7152 Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
Applications Note: AN_ SY7152
High Efficiency 1MHz, 2A Step Up Regulator
Preliminary Specification
General Description
The SY7152 is a high efficiency boost regulator
targeted for general step-up applications.
Ordering Information
SY7152 (□□)
Temperature Code
Package Code
Optional Spec Code
Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
Ordering Number Package type Note
Wide input range: 3-8V bias input, 16Vout max
1MHz switching frequency
Minimum on time: 100ns typical
Minimum off time: 100ns typical
Low RDS(ON): 150m
RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
Accurate Reference: 0.6VREF
Compact package: SOT23-6
WLED Drivers
Networking cards powered from PCI or PCI-
express slots
Typical Applications
Figure 1. Schematic Diagram
Figure 2. Efficiency vs Load Current
AN_SY7152 Rev.0.1 Silergy Corp. Confidential- Prepared for Customer Use Only 1

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AN-SY7152 Datasheet ( Hojas de datos )

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Número de piezaDescripciónFabricantes
AN-SY7152High Efficiency 1MHz 2A Step Up RegulatorSilergy

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