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Número de pieza TLE8458GUV33
Descripción LIN Transceiver
Fabricantes Infineon Technologies 
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Data Sheet, Rev. 1.01, April 2009
LIN Transceiver with integrated Low Drop Voltage
Automotive Power

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TLE8458GUV33 pdf
3 Pin Configuration
3.1 Pin Assignments
Pin Configuration
Figure 2 Pin Configuration
3.2 Pin Definitions and Functions
8 VC C
7 VS
Table 1 Pin Definition
Pin Symbol
1 RxD
Receive Data Output;
Low in dominant state, active low after a wake-up event on BUS or WK pin.
2 EN
Enable Input;
Integrated pull-down resistor, device set to normal operation mode when HIGH.
3 WK
Wake-up Input;
Active LOW, negative edge triggered, internal pull-up.
4 TxD
Transmit Data Input;
Integrated pull-down resistor, LOW in dominant state. Active LOW after wake-up via
WK pin.
Bus Output / Input;
LIN bus input / Output,
LOW in dominant state,
Internal termination and pull - up current source.
7 VS
Battery Supply Input
Output Voltage;
Decouple to GND with a capacitor CVcc 470 nF, ESR < 6 at 10 kHz,
Active during Normal Mode, disabled in Sleep Mode.
Data Sheet
5 Rev. 1.01, 2009-04-28

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TLE8458GUV33 arduino
Mode Control
Stand-By Mode
The Stand-By Mode is an idle operation mode, which disables the communication to the LIN bus. The TLE8458Gx
enters automatically the Stand-By Mode after a power-up. By setting the EN pin to HIGH, the operation mode
changes to Normal Operation Mode, regardless of the signal applied to the TxD pin.
The TLE8458Gx can be transferred to Stand-By mode by the following options:
• After power - up on the supply VS, the TLE8458Gx starts in Stand-By Mode.
• From Sleep Mode or from Stop Mode the TLE8458Gx changes to Stand-By Mode if a Wake - Up event occurs
on the LIN bus.
• From Sleep Mode or from Stop Mode the TLE8458Gx changes to Stand-By Mode if a Wake - Up event occurs
on the local Wake input WK.
• In case of an under - voltage event on VS, the TLE8458Gx changes to Stand-By Mode regardless of selected
operation mode.
In Stand-By mode the external power supply VCC is active and LIN bus output stage is disabled. The TLE8458Gx
provides the following functionality in Stand-By Mode:
• The power supply VCC is active and functional.
• The LIN transceiver output stage is disabled, no communication to the LIN bus is possible.
• The LIN transceiver bus input receiver is disabled.
• The LIN bus is terminated by the 30 k.
• Both digital pins, the TxD pin and the RxD pin act as output pins and indicate a Wake - Up or a Power - Up
• The EN input pin is active. By setting the EN pin to HIGH the TLE8458Gx changes the operation mode to
Normal Operation Mode (see Figure 3).
• The Wake - Up logic is disabled. Wake-Up events don’t trigger an operation mode change.
Table 6 Logic table for Wake - Up monitoring1)
Power - Up
Wake - Up event RxD
Power Up event
Via LIN Bus
Wake - Up via LIN Bus
Via WK Pin
Wake - Up via local Wake pin WK
1) The Wake - Up monitor is only active in Stand-By Mode
2) The TxD input needs an external termination to indicate a “High” or a “Low” signal. The external termination could be a pull-
up resistor or an active microcontroller output.
Normal Operation Mode
The TLE8458Gx enters the Normal Operation Mode after the microcontroller sets EN to “High” (see Figure 4). In
Normal Operation mode the LIN bus receiver and the LIN bus transmitter are active. The TLE8458Gx converts the
logical HIGH and LOW signals on the TxD input pin to DOMINANT and RECESSIVE signals to the LIN bus.
Simultaneously the input receiver of the TLE8458Gx converts the DOMINANT and RECESSIVE signals on the LIN
bus to HIGH and LOW signals to the RxD output. In Normal Operation mode the output voltage VCC is active and the
bus termination is set to 30 k.
Normal Slope Mode and the Software Flash Mode are Normal Operation Modes. In these two sub-modes the
behavior of the power-supply VCC and the bus termination are the same. Per default the TLE8458G always enters
into Normal Slope Mode, either from Sleep Mode, Stop Mode or from Stand-By Mode. The Software Flash Mode
can only be entered from Normal Slope mode.
In order to avoid any bus disturbance during a mode change, the output stage of the TLE8458Gx is disabled and
set to recessive state during the mode change procedure. To release the TLE8458Gx for data communication on
the LIN bus, the TxD pin needs to be set to HIGH for the time ttorec after the operation mode change.
Data Sheet
11 Rev. 1.01, 2009-04-28

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