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2.2K3A1A Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
BetaTHERM Sensors
BetaCurve Interchangeable Thermistor Series I
Thermistor Configuration
32 AWG Tin Plated
Copper Alloy
Lead Wires
Thermally Conductive
Epoxy Coating
Max. Dia.
76.2mm +/-3.3mm
(3.00Ó +/-0.13Ó)
Example: BetaCURVE Series I Part Number
10K 3 A 1 A
Tolerance Classification
BetaCURVE Series
Epoxy Coated
Material Curve #
Resistance Value
BetaCurve Interchangeable Thermistor Series I
¥ Temperature sensing, control and compensation.
¥ Medical equipment and patient monitoring.
¥ Aerospace instrumentation and crystal oscillator
¥ Liquid or gas temperature control and monitoring.
¥ Assembly into probes for a wide variety of
¥ Rapid Time Response (1 second typical in liquids).
¥ DC (Dissipation Constant) = 0.75mW/oC typical in
still air at 25oC.
¥ Min./Max. Temperature Exposure = -80oC to 150oC.
¥ Available in custom probe assemblies.
¥ Proven Stability and Reliability.
¥ Alloy Lead Wires for reduced thermal conductivity
("stem effect").
¥ Choice of 4 temperature tolerance classifications.
Tolerance Code:
+/-0.1oC, 0oC to 70oC
+/-0.2oC, 0oC to 70oC
+/-0.5oC, 0oC to 70oC
+/-1.0oC, 0oC to 70oC
The BetaCURVE Thermistor Series I are small
epoxy coated devices with solid tin plated lead wires. The
series offers a choice of precision temperature tolerance
classifications for a wide variety of customer applications,
such as temperature measurements, temperature indication,
temperature control, and thermal compensation.
The BetaCURVE Series history of "long term"
stability and reliability performance have been
demonstrated in critical medical, scientific instrumentation,
military/aerospace and industrial applications.
Thermistor interchangeability has become an
important factor for cost efficiency in advanced thermal
performance applications. The need for expensive
individual thermistor calibration is not necessary. The
BetaCURVE Series interchangeability means that each
device will match the published Resistance-Temperature
Characteristics (R-T Tables pages 43 to 47) for a given
thermistor and will be within the specified deviation
(tolerance, ie. +/-0.1oC, +/-0.2oC, +/-0.5oC and +/-1.0oC)
limits over the temperature range 0oC to 70oC.
With the demands of JIT (just in time) deliveries
expected in todayÕs manufacturing sector. BetaTHERM
maintains high finished goods inventory and dedicated
manufacturing to continuously produce the BetaCURVE
BETA ApS (DK + NO): Phone: +45 59 31 11 88, Fax: +45 59 31 12 10, email:
2 BEATA Komponent AB (SE): Phone: +46 (0)392 360 40, Fax: +46 (0)392 360 41, e-mail:
BETA Finland OY (FI): Phone: +358 (0)9 260 9209, Fax: +358 (0)9 260 9208, e-mai:

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