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Descripción Washer Dryer User Manual
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EN User manual
Washer Dryer
ZWT 71201 WA

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Warning! Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the mains
Product description
• Cut off the mains cable and discard it.
• Remove the door catch to prevent children
and pets to get closed in the appliance.
1 Detergent dispenser drawer
2 Control panel
3 Door opening handle
4 Rating plate
5 Drain pump
6 Adjustable feet
Child safety
Make sure that children or pets do not climb in-
to the drum. To prevent children and pets be-
coming trapped inside the drum this machine
incorporates a special feature.
To activate this de- To disable this de-
vice, rotate the button vice and restore the
(without pressing it) possibility of closing
inside the door clock- the door, rotate the
wise until the groove button anti-clockwise
is horizontal. If neces- until the groove is
sary use a coin.

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ZWT71201WA arduino
Drying Programmes
Degree of Drying
Type of Fabric
Drying Load Spin Speed
drying time
in Minutes
Ideal for towelling materials
Cotton and linen
(bathrobes, bath tow-
els, etc)
4 kg
3 kg
1.5 kg
180 - 200
120 - 130
85 - 95
Suitable for items to put away Cotton and linen
without ironing1)
(bathrobes, bath tow-
els, etc)
4 kg
3 kg
1.5 kg
170 - 190
110 - 120
75 - 85
Suitable for items to put away
without ironing
Synthetics and
mixed fabrics
2 kg
1 kg
100 - 110
60 - 70
Suitable for ironing
Cotton and linen
(sheets, tablecloths,
shirts, etc.)
4 kg
3 kg
1.5 kg
140 - 160
90 - 100
60 - 70
1) In compliance with EC directive EN 50229 the cotton reference programme for the data entered in the
Energy Label must be tested dividing the maximum washing load by two equal parts and drying with
DRYING TIME each of them.
Helpful hints and tips
Sorting out the laundry
Follow the wash code symbols on each gar-
ment label and the manufacturer’s washing in-
structions. Sort the laundry as follows: whites,
coloureds, synthetics, delicates, woollens.
Before loading the laundry
Never wash whites and coloureds together.
Whites may lose their «whiteness» in the wash.
New coloured items may run in the first wash;
they should therefore be washed separately the
first time.
Button up pillowcases, close zip fasteners,
hooks and poppers. Tie any belts or long tapes.
Remove persistent stains before washing.
Rub particularly soiled areas with a special de-
tergent or detergent paste.
Treat curtains with special care. Remove hooks
or tie them up in a bag or net.
Removing stains
Stubborn stains may not be removed by just
water and detergent. It is therefore advisable to
treat them prior to washing.
Blood: treat fresh stains with cold water. For
dried stains, soak overnight in water with a spe-
cial detergent then rub in the soap and water.
Oil based paint: moisten with benzine stain
remover, lay the garment on a soft cloth and
dab the stain; treat several times.
Dried grease stains: moisten with turpentine,
lay the garment on a soft surface and dab the
stain with the fingertips and a cotton cloth.
Rust: oxalic acid dissolved in hot water or a
rust removing product used cold. Be careful
with rust stains which are not recent since the
cellulose structure will already have been dam-
aged and the fabric tends to hole.
Mould stains: treat with bleach, rinse well
(whites and fast coloureds only).
Grass: soap lightly and treat with bleach
(whites and fast coloureds only).
Ball point pen and glue: moisten with ace-
tone1), lay the garment on a soft cloth and dab
the stain.
Lipstick: moisten with acetone as above, then
treat stains with methylated spirits. Treat any re-
sidual marks with bleach.
1) do not use acetone on artificial silk

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