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Descripción 3 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
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3 Watt Audio Power Amplifier with Selectable Shutdown Logic Level
General Description
The CM8600 is an audio power amplifier primarily designed for demanding applications in mobile phones and other por-
table communication device applications. It is capable of delivering 1.25 watts of continuous average power to an 8 BTL
load and 2 watts of continuous average power (LD and MH only) to a 4ΩBTL load with less than 1% distortion
(THD+N+N) from a 5.5VDC power supply.
Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal amount
of external components. The CM8600 does not require output coupling capacitors or bootstrap capacitors, and therefore is
ideally suited for mobile phone and other low voltage appli- cations where minimal power consumption is a primary re-
The CM8600 features a low-power consumption shutdown mode. To facilitate this, Shutdown may be enabled by either
logic high or low depending on mode selection. Driving the shutdown mode pin either high or low enables the shutdown
pin to be driven in a likewise manner to enable shutdown.
The CM8600 contains advanced pop & click circuitry which eliminates noise which would otherwise occur during turn-
on and turn-off transitions.
The CM8600 is unity-gain stable and can be configured by external gain-setting resistors.
Key Specifications
Ø Improved PSRR at 217Hz & 1KHz
Ø Power Output at 5.0V,
1% THD+N,
4Ω (LD and MH only)
3W (typ)
Ø Power Output at 5.0V, 1% THD+N, 8Ω 1.25W (typ)
Available in space-saving packages:SOP-8
Ø Ultra low current shutdown mode
Ø Improved pop & click circuitry eliminates noise
during turn-on and turn-off transitions
Ø 1.8 - 8.0V operation
Ø Mobile Phones
Ø Power Output at 3.0V, 1% THD+N, 4Ω 600mW (typ)
Ø Power Output at 3.0V, 1% THD+N, 8Ω 425mW (typ)
Ø Shutdown Current
0.1µA (typ)
Ø No output coupling capacitors, snubber
networks or bootstrap capacitors required
Ø Unity-gain stable
Ø External gain configuration capability
Ø User selectable shutdown High or Low logic Level
Ø Portable electronic device
Connection Diagrams
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CM8600A pdf
Note 1: All voltages are measured with respect to the ground pin, unless otherwise specified.
Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Ratings indicate
conditions for which the device is functional, but do not guarantee specific performance limits. Electrical Characteristics state
DC and AC electrical specifications under particular test conditions which guarantee specific performance limits. This assumes
that the device is within the Operating Ratings. Specifications are not guaranteed for parameters where no limit is given,
however, the typical value is a good indication of device performance.
Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be dated at elevated temperatures and is dictated by TJMAX, θJA, and the
ambient temperature TA. The maximum allowable power dissipation is PDMAX = (TJMAXTA)/θJA or the number given in
Absolute Maximum Ratings, whichever is lower. For the CM8600, see power debating curves for additional information.
Note 4: Human body model, 100pF discharged through a 1.5kΩ resistor.
Note 5: Machine Model, 220pF 240pF discharged through all pins.
Note 6: Typicals are measured at 25°C and represent the parametric norm.
Note 7: Limits are guaranteed to Nationals AOQL (Average Outgoing Quality Level).
Note 8: For micro SMD only, shutdown current is measured in a Normal Room Environment. Exposure to direct sunlight will
increase ISD by a maximum of 2μA.
Note 9: Datasheet min/max specification limits are guaranteed by design, test, or statistical analysis.
Note 10: RROUT is measured from the output pin to ground. This value represents the parallel combination of the 10kΩ output
resistors and the two 20kΩ resistors.
Note 11: If the product is in Shutdown mode and VDD exceeds 6V (to a max of 8V VDD), then most of the excess current will
flow through the ESD protection circuits. If the source impedance limits the current to a max of 10mA, then the device will be
protected. If the device is enabled when VDD is greater than 5.5V and less than 6.5V, no damage will occur, although operation
life will be reduced. Operation above 6.5V with no current limit will result in permanent damage.
Note 12: Maximum power dissipation in the device (PDMAX) occurs at an output power level significantly below full output
power. PDMAX can be calculated using Equation 1 shown in the Application Information section. It may also be obtained
from the power dissipation graphs.
Electrical Characteristics VDD = 2.6V (Notes 1, 2)
The following specifications apply for the circuit shown in Figure 1, unless otherwise specified. Limits apply for TA =25°C.
Note 13: The Exposed-DAP of the LDA10B package should be electrically connected to GND or an electrically isolated copper
area. the CM8600LD demo board
has the Exposed-DAP connected to GND with a PCB area of 86.7mils x 585mils (2.02mm x 14.86mm) on the copper top layer
and 550mils x 710mils (13.97mm × 18.03mm) on the copper bottom layer.
Note 14: The thermal performance of the LLP and exposed-DAP TSSOP packages when used with the exposed-DAP connected
to a thermal plane is sufficient for driving 4Ω loads. The MSOP and ITL packages do not have the thermal performance
necessary for driving 4Ω loads with a 5V supply and is not recommended for this application.
Note 15: All bumps have the same thermal resistance and contribute equally when used to lower thermal resistance. All bumps
must be connected to achieve specified thermal resistance.
External Components Description
See (Figure 1)
Functional Description
Inverting input resistance which sets the closed-loop gain in conjunction with Rf. This resistor also forms a
high pass filter with Ci at fC= 1/(2π RiCi).
Inverting input resistance which sets the closed-loop gain in conjunction with Rf. This resistor also forms a
high pass filter with Ci at fC= 1/(2π RiCi).
3 Rf Feedback resistance which sets the closed-loop gain in conjunction with Ri.
4 Cs Supply bypass capacitor which provides power supply filtering. Refer to the Power Supply Bypassing
section for information concerning proper placement and selection of the supply bypass capacitor.
5 CB Bypass pin capacitor which provides half-supply filtering. Refer to the section, Proper Selection of External
Components, for information concerning proper placement and selection of CB.
Typical Performance Characteristics
LD and MH Specific Characteristics
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CM8600A arduino
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