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Descripción USB Downstream Port Terminator
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PACUSB-D3 Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
USB Downstream Port Terminator
• A low-capacitance USB downstream port
terminator, EMI filter, and transient over-voltage
(ESD) protector in a single surface-mounted
• ESD protection to +20kV contact discharge, per
MIL-STD-883D, Method 3015
• ESD protection to +15kV contact discharge, per
IEC 61000-4-2 International Standard
• Compact SOT23-5 and SC70-5 package options
save board space and lower manufacturing costs
compared to discrete solutions
• Capacitors matched to a precision exceeding the
USB specification
• Pin-compatible with ST Microelectronics
USBDFxxW5 USB Downstream Port Terminator
• Lead-free versions available
• ESD protection and termination of USB
downstream ports
• Desktop PCs
• Notebooks
• Set-top boxes
• USB hubs
Product Description
The PACUS B-D1/D2/D3 is a single-channel USB
downstream-port te rmination n etwork. It integrate s
EMI/RFI filter components R1 a nd C1, as
recommended by th e US B spe cification as well a s
the re quired 15kW p ull-down resistors (R2) t o G ND.
In addition, P ACUSB-D1/D2/D3 provides a very high
level of protection for sensitive electronic components
that ma y b e su bjected t o ele ctrostatic di scharge
(ESD). The devi ce pins will safel y dissipate ESD
strikes of +15kV, ex ceeding t he maximum
requirements of the IEC 610 00-4-2 internatio nal
standard. Using the MI L-STD-883D (Method 3015)
specification for Human B ody Model (HBM) ES D, all
pins are protected from contact discharges to +20kV.
There a re th ree options f or the value of the seri es
resistor R1: 15 Ω, 22 Ω, and 33 Ω. T his s eries
resistance, plus the USB driver output resi stance,
must b e close t o t he USB cabl e’s characteristic
impedance of 45Ω (e ach side) to minimize
transmission line reflections.
The PACUS B-D1/D2/D3 i s man ufactured in a 5-pin
SC70 or a 5-pin SOT23 package and is available with
optional lead-free finishing..
©2010 SCILLC. All rights reserved.
June 2010 – Rev. 2
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Performance Information
Capacitance vs. Voltage
The C1 capacitance value as a function of DC voltage across it is presented in Figure 1. The curve is
normalized to a capacitance of 1.0 capacitance units at 2.5 VDC.
Figure 1. Diode Capacitance vs. DC Voltage (Normalized)
Insertion Loss vs. Frequency Characteristics
Figure 2. Insertion Loss vs. Frequency Performance Curve, PACUSB-D1(SOT23-6)
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