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Número de pieza BD9240F
Descripción Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit
Fabricantes Rohm 
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BD9240F Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit
DC-AC Inverter Control IC
TYPE BD9240F / BD9240FV
20V High voltage process
2CH control with Push-Pull
Lamp current and voltage sense feed back control
・ Sequencing easily achieved with Soft Start Control
Short circuit protection with Timer Latch
Under Voltage Lock Out
Mode-selectable the operating or stand-by mode by stand-by pin
・ Automatic Judge function for External synchronization of lamp oscillation
・ BURST mode controlled by PWM and DC input
○ Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃)
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Maximum Junction Temperature
Power Dissipation
*1 1063 (BD9240FV)
*2 750 (BD9240F)
*1Pd derate at 8.5mW/℃ for temperature above Ta = 25℃ (When mounted on a PCB 70.0mm×70.0mm×1.6mm)
*2Pd derate at 6.0mW/℃ for temperature above Ta = 25℃ (When mounted on a PCB 70.0mm×70.0mm×1.6mm)
○ Operating condition
Supply voltage
oscillation frequency
BCT oscillation frequency
8.0 ~ 19.0
30 ~ 90
0.05 ~ 1.00

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BD9240FSilicon Monolithic Integrated CircuitRohm
BD9240FSilicon Monolithic Integrated CircuitRohm
BD9240FVSilicon Monolithic Integrated CircuitRohm

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