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Número de pieza MR4020
Descripción Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module
Fabricantes Shindengen 
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Provision for standby mode operation
Partial Resonance Power Supply IC Module
MR4000 Series
Application Note
Version 1.4
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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1.5 Dimensions and equivalent circuit
Marking area
Terminal number
1.6 Basic circuit
1. Overview
Equivalent Circuit
Shindengen Electric MFG.CO.,LTD

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3. Operating principles
3.7 Circuit for load shorts
The MR4000 Series is designed so that voltage droop occurs under excessive load, causing the output voltage to drop, and
so that the control coil voltage drops proportionally. When the control coil voltage falls below VZ/C(burst), the control switches to
standby mode, and the Source/OCL (Emitter/OCL) pin threshold changes from Vth(OCL) to Vth(burst OCL), thereby limiting the
drain (collector) current to approximately 1/10 of its previous value. This design reduces the stress on the MR4000 Series IC
in the case of a load short and controls the short-circuit current to the secondary diode and the load circuit.
Fig. 3.10 Circuit for load shorts
3.8 Collector pin (MR40XX Series)
The collector pin on the main switching device (Pin 7)
The transformer must be designed and the resonating capacitor must be set to ensure that VCE(max) is less than 900 V.
Depending on input conditions, the collector pin may be subject to reverse bias for a certain period during partial resonance.
This IC uses the second-generation high-speed IGBT as the main switching device. Unlike MOSFETs, this device has
no body diode structure and thus requires the connection of an external high-speed diode between the Collector and
Emitter/OCL pins (see Fig. 3.12).
3.9 Thermal shutdown circuit (TSD)
The MR4000 Series incorporates a thermal shutdown circuit. The onboard IC is latched at 150°C (typical), after which
oscillation is halted. Unlatching is achieved by momentarily dropping the voltage at the VCC pin to VUL (unlatch
voltage) or lower.
3.10 Overvoltage protection circuit (OVP)
The MR4000 Series incorporates an overvoltage protection circuit (OVP). Latching occurs when the control coil
voltage exceeds VOVP, providing indirect overvoltage protection for the secondary output. Unlatching is achieved in the
same manner as for the overheat protection circuit.
3.11 Leading edge blank (LEB)
The MR4000 Series has the leading edge blank function. This function improves the margin of noise by rejecting
trigger signals from the drain current detection circuit for a certain time after the main switching device is turned on.
This function prevents false detections due to the gate drive current produced the moment the main switching device is
turned on or due to the discharge current of a resonating capacitor.
- 11 -
Shindengen Electric MFG.CO.,LTD

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