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Descripción 5.0V Reference Diode
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LM236-5.0 Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
June 2005
5.0V Reference Diode
General Description
The LM136-5.0/LM236-5.0/LM336-5.0 integrated circuits are
precision 5.0V shunt regulator diodes. These monolithic IC
voltage references operate as a low temperature coefficient
5.0V zener with 0.6dynamic impedance. A third terminal
on the LM136-5.0 allows the reference voltage and tempera-
ture coefficient to be trimmed easily.
The LM136-5.0 series is useful as a precision 5.0V low
voltage reference for digital voltmeters, power supplies or op
amp circuitry. The 5.0V makes it convenient to obtain a
stable reference from low voltage supplies. Further, since
the LM136-5.0 operates as a shunt regulator, it can be used
as either a positive or negative voltage reference.
The LM136-5.0 is rated for operation over −55˚C to +125˚C
while the LM236-5.0 is rated over a −25˚C to +85˚C tem-
perature range. The LM336-5.0 is rated for operation over a
0˚C to +70˚C temperature range. See the connection dia-
grams for available packages. For applications requiring
2.5V see LM136-2.5.
n Adjustable 4V to 6V
n Low temperature coefficient
n Wide operating current of 600 µA to 10 mA
n 0.6dynamic impedance
n ± 1% initial tolerance available
n Guaranteed temperature stability
n Easily trimmed for minimum temperature drift
n Fast turn-on
n Three lead transistor package
Connection Diagrams
Plastic Package
SO Package
Bottom View
Order Number LM336Z-5.0 or LM336BZ-5.0
See NS Package Number Z03A
Metal Can Package
Order Number LM336M-5.0 or LM336BM-5.0
See NS Package Number M08A
Bottom View
Order Number LM136H-5.0,
LM136H-5.0/883, LM236H-5.0,
LM136AH-5.0, LM136AH-5.0/883,
or LM236AH-5.0
See NS Package Number H03H
© 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS005716

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Typical Performance Characteristics (Continued)
Forward Characteristics
Application Hints
The LM136-5.0 series voltage references are much easier to
use than ordinary zener diodes. Their low impedance and
wide operating current range simplify biasing in almost any
circuit. Further, either the breakdown voltage or the tempera-
ture coefficient can be adjusted to optimize circuit perfor-
Figure 1 shows an LM136-5.0 with a 10k potentiometer for
adjusting the reverse breakdown voltage. With the addition
of R1 the breakdown voltage can be adjusted without affect-
ing the temperature coefficient of the device. The adjustment
range is usually sufficient to adjust for both the initial device
tolerance and inaccuracies in buffer circuitry.
If minimum temperature coefficient is desired, four diodes
can be added in series with the adjustment potentiometer as
shown in Figure 2. When the device is adjusted to 5.00V the
temperature coefficient is minimized. Almost any silicon sig-
nal diode can be used for this purpose such as a 1N914,
1N4148 or a 1N457. For proper temperature compensation
the diodes should be in the same thermal environment as
the LM136-5.0. It is usually sufficient to mount the diodes
near the LM136-5.0 on the printed circuit board. The abso-
lute resistance of the network is not critical and any value
from 2k to 20k will work. Because of the wide adjustment
range, fixed resistors should be connected in series with the
pot to make pot setting less critical.
FIGURE 2. Temperature Coefficient Adjustment
(Trim Range = ±0.5V Typical)
FIGURE 1. LM136-5.0 with Pot for Adjustment of
Breakdown Voltage (Trim Range = ±1.0V Typical)

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Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters)
unless otherwise noted
TO-46 Metal Can Package (H)
Order Number LM136H-5.0, LM136H-5.0/883, LM236H-5.0,
LM136AH-5.0, LM136AH-5.0/883 or LM236AH-5.0
NS Package Number H03H
Small Outline (SO-8) Package
Order Number LM336M-5.0 or LM336BM-5.0
NS Package Number M08A

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