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Número de pieza XPC604ERX180LD
Descripción (XPC604ERX166LD - XPC604ERX200LD) RISC Microprocessor
Fabricantes Freescale Semiconductor 
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XPC604ERX180LD Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. PID9v-604e BS 961115
Application-Specific Information
Motorola Part Numbers Affected:
PowerPC 604eRISC Microprocessor Family:
PID9v-604e (Sirocco) Bin Specification
This document defines a unique part number for a PowerPC 604e microprocessor manufactured by Motorola. It describes changes
to recommended operating conditions and revised electrical specifications, as applicable, from those described in the PowerPC 604e
RISC Microprocessor Family: PID9v-604e Hardware Specifications. Any functional differences (errata) for these parts from the
functional description provided in the PowerPC™ 604 RISC Microprocessor User’s Manual (order # MPC604UM/AD) or its
addendum (order # MPC604UMAD/AD) are described in a separate Errata List available from your local Motorola sales office.
Specifications provided in this data sheet supercede those in Revision 1 (11/96) of the PID9v-604e Hardware Specifications
(order #: MPC604E9VEC/D); specifications not addressed herein are unchanged.
Note that headings and table numbers in this data sheet are not consecutively numbered. They are intended to correspond to the
heading or table affected in the general hardware specifications.
Part numbers addressed in this document and a summary of their differences from the general specification are listed in Table A.
For more detailed ordering infomation see Table 14.
Table A. Part Numbers Addressed by this Data Sheet
Operating Conditions
Motorola Part Number
CPU Frequency
TJ (°C)
Significant Differences
166 MHz
2.65 to 2.85 V 0 to 85 Specification changes for different operating conditions.
180 MHz
2.65 to 2.85 V 0 to 85 Specification changes for different operating conditions.
200 MHz
2.65 to 2.85 V 0 to 85 Specification changes for different operating conditions.
Note: The X prefix in a Motorola PowerPC part number designates a “Pilot Production Prototype” as defined by Motorola SOP 3-13.
These are from a limited production volume of prototypes manufactured, tested and Q.A. inspected on a qualified technology to
simulate normal production. These parts have only preliminary reliability and characterization data. Before pilot production
prototypes may be shipped, written authorization from the customer must be on file in the applicable sales office acknowledging
the qualification status and the fact that product changes may still occur while shipping pilot production prototypes
1.1.4 DC Electrical Characteristics
Table 2 describes the changed DC operating conditions for the 604e part numbers described herein..
Table 2. Recommended Operating Conditions
Core supply voltage
PLL supply voltage
Junction temperature
2.65 to 2.85
2.65 to 2.85
0 to 85
Table 5 provides the power dissipation for these changed operating conditions.
Table 5. Power Consumption
Vdd = AVdd = 2.75 ± 0.1 V dc, OVdd = 3.3 ± 5% V dc, GND = 0 V dc, 0 TJ 85 °C
CPU Clock:
Full-On Mode
Processor Core Frequency
166 MHz
180 MHz
200 MHz
The PowerPC name, the PowerPC logotype, and PowerPC 604e are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation used by Motorola under license from
International Business Machines Corporation.
This document contains information on a new product under development by Motorola. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice.
© Motorola Inc. 1996. All rights reserved.
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XPC604ERX180LD(XPC604ERX166LD - XPC604ERX200LD) RISC MicroprocessorFreescale Semiconductor
Freescale Semiconductor

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