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Número de pieza 4016BM
Descripción Quad Bilateral Switch
Fabricantes National Semiconductor 
Logotipo National Semiconductor Logotipo

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4016BM Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
August 1989
CD4016BM CD4016BC Quad Bilateral Switch
General Description
The CD4016BM CD4016BC is a quad bilateral switch in-
tended for the transmission or multiplexing of analog or digi-
tal signals It is pin-for-pin compatible with CD4066BM
Y Wide supply voltage range
3V to 15V
Y Wide range of digital and analog switching g7 5 VPEAK
Y ‘‘ON’’ resistance for 15V operation
400X (typ )
Y Matched ‘‘ON’’ resistance over 15V
signal input
Y High degree of linearity
DRONe10X (typ )
0 4% distortion (typ )
fIS e 1 kHz VISe5 Vp-p
VDDbVSSe10V RLe10 kX
Y Extremely low ‘‘OFF’’ switch leakage
0 1 nA (typ )
TAe25 C
Y Extremely high control input impedance 1012X (typ )
Y Low crosstalk between switches
b50 dB (typ )
fISe0 9 MHz RLe 1 kX
Y Frequency response switch ‘‘ON’’
40 MHz (typ )
Y Analog signal switching multiplexing
 Signal gating
 Squelch control
 Modulator Demodulator
 Commutating switch
Y Digital signal switching multiplexing
Y CMOS logic implementation
Y Analog-to-digital digital-to-analog conversion
Y Digital control of frequency impedance phase and an-
alog-signal gain
Schematic and Connection Diagrams
Dual-In-Line Package
Order Number CD4016B
TL F 5661 – 1
C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 5661
RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A

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4016BM pdf
AC Test Circuits and Switching Time Waveforms (Continued)
FIGURE 3 tPZH tPHZ Propagation Delay Time Control to Signal Output
VCeVDD for distortion and frequency response tests
VCeVSS for feedthrough test
FIGURE 4 Sine Wave Distortion Frequency Response and Feedthrough
FIGURE 5 Crosstalk Between Any Two Switches
FIGURE 6 Crosstalk Control to Input Signal Output
TL F 5661 – 3

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4016BCQuad Bilateral SwitchFairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
4016BMQuad Bilateral SwitchNational Semiconductor
National Semiconductor

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