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Descripción CO2 Sensor
Fabricantes ETC 
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Good sensitivity and selectivity to CO2
Low humidity and temperature dependency
Long stability and reproducibility
Air Quality Control
Ferment Process Control
Room Temperature CO2 concentration Detection
Structure and Testing Circuit
Sensor Structure and Testing Circuit as
Figure, It composed by solid electrolyte layer
1 Gold electrodes 2 Platinum Lead 3
Heater 4 Porcelain Tube 5 100m
double-layer steeless net 6 Nickel and copper
plated ring 7 Bakelite (8) Nickel and copper
plated pin 9
CO2 Sensor
Figure 1A
Figure 1B
Working Principle
Sensor adopt solid electrolyte cell Princip le It is composed by the following solid cells
Air Au|NASICON|| carbonate|Au, air CO2
When the sensor exposed to CO2 the following electrodes reaction occurs
Cathodic reaction 2Li + + CO2 + 1/2O2 + 2e - = Li2CO3
Anodic reaction 2Na+ + 1/2O2 + 2e- = Na2O
Overall chemical reaction Li2CO3 + 2Na + = Na2O + 2Li + + CO2
The Electromotive force EMF result from the above electrode reaction, accord with according to Nernst’s equation:
EMF = Ec - (R x T) / (2F) ln (P(CO2))
P(CO2) CO2--- partial Pressure Ec Constant Volume R Gas Constant volume
T Absolute Temperature K F Faraday constant
From Figure 1B Sensor Heating voltage supplied from other circuit , When its surface temperature is high enough ,
the sensor equals to a cell, its two sides would output voltage signal ,and its result accord with
sensor testing, the impedance of amplifier should be within 100 1000G Its testing current should be control below

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