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eBlack Box Corporation.
hBlack Box Corporation • 1000 Park Drive • Lawrence, PA 15055-1018 • Tech Support: 724-746-5500 • e-mail:
wKwewy F.eDatautraesS W SMAtRaT-USPShSePdEraoRteateIawEcnttSidt4yhoourrUedrleeiarqlby.uliecsphmbuoaetcdnkotmuwapnnpsdo.ywoeurrAPC$25,000lifetime
equipment protection.
aLightning and surge
.DAutomatic shutdown
protection if your
wprimary utility input
wInstant emergency
w mbackup power.
.coNetwork interface
Ufacilitates automatic
t4shutdown for file
heEMI/RMI filtering,
SSmartBoost™ to
tacorrect brownouts,
aand SmartTrim™ to
.Dcorrect overvoltages.
ith the APC line of
uninterruptible power
supplies (UPSs), your sensitive
computer systems will be protect-
ed in the event of power black-
outs, brownouts, swells, sags,
surges, and interference.
Each UPS provides enough
backup power for you to perform
an orderly shutdown should a
power failure occur. In addition,
each UPS is equipped with high-
grade surge suppression and
noise filtering to give your equip-
ment a constant supply of clean
power—whether from utility or
battery power.
Under normal conditions, the
UPS supplies power from the
utility input to the load. But if the
utility fails, the converter supplies
AC power to the load and the
disconnect switch opens. The
load continues to operate norm-
ally until shutdown or until the
battery wears down. Once the
line voltage returns to normal, the
UPS automatically transfers the
load back to utility power.
Visual and audible indications
keep track of the battery’s
capacity and current condition,
including when it is low or
overloaded, or when it needs to
be replaced. The UPS performs a
self-test on the battery during
power-up and every 14 days—
which gives you enough time to
replace it before a problem
develops. You can also manually
perform a self-test with the
on/test button. And batteries can
be replaced without removing
power from loads or sending the
UPS in for service.
The Smart-UPS Series has
numerous varieties of backup
power supplies. Choose the one
that offers the most protection to
fit your needs from standalone
and rackmount models.
All include PowerChute® Plus
management software. Install the
PowerChute® software on your
PC; then connect to the Smart-
UPS through the serial port. This
lets you access a myriad of
powerful management features
such as periodic server shutdown
and reboot, alarm settings, self-
tests, calibration, predictive
failure analysis, data logs, and
The SUA1000 and SUA1500
standalone UPSs and all of the
rackmount Smart-UPSs feature a
convenient USB port which may
be used instead of the serial port.
Rackmount models fit into
any standard 19" rack to provide
power protection for switches,
routers, and other vital network

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