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40 to 250 GB
Note: All products may
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regions of the world.
WD Caviar Special Edition hard drives are designed to maximize desktop computer
performance for activities requiring high-performance storage such as computer gaming, digital
video editing, and file server applications. Offering capacities as large as 250 GB and equipped
with an 8 MB buffer—the largest buffer available today in a desktop EIDE hard drive—the
WD Caviar Special Edition family delivers data to users faster than any hard drive in its class.
Superior Performance
The Special Edition hard drive provides a higher percentage of cache hits and significantly
faster time to data than industry standard 2 MB versions. Within the complex operations of
hard drives, the buffer is used to hold the results of recent reads from the disk and also to
"pre-fetch" information that is likely to be requested in the near future. The use of an increased
buffer improves the performance by reducing the number of physical accesses to the disk and
allowing data to stream from the disk uninterrupted by mechanical operations.
Data Protection Enhancements
Data Lifeguardis an expanded set of data protection tools that includes shock protection, an
environmental protection system, and embedded error detection and repair features that
automatically find, isolate, and repair problem areas that may develop over the extended use of
the hard drive. With these enhanced data reliability features, the drive can perform more
accurate monitoring and error repair and deliver exceptional data security.
Data Lifeguard Toolsis a set of software utilities that work in conjunction with the
embedded Data Lifeguard features to make hard drive installation, drive management
diagnostics, and repair simple and worry-free.
Shock Guardprovides outstanding improvements in shock and vibration protection for the
newest WD Caviar drives. Shock Guard allows instantaneous data protection at high shock
values to achieve leading shock specifications.
IMPORTANT: Use Data Lifeguard Tools 10.0 or later installation software to access the full capacity of your
hard drive. Hard drives larger than 137 GB require a controller card to utilize full drive
The Western Digital Promise
Western Digital understands the importance of the data stored on our hard drives. We are
committed to providing our customers with reliable, high-performance storage products and
superior customer support and services.

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