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Descripción Fan Motor Single-Phase Full-Wave Drivers
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LB1862M datasheet

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LB1862M pdf
Design Notes
1. VCC pin
This pin provides power for motor drive and the control circuits.
The LB1862M supports a wide range of operating voltages, from 3.8 to 16.8 V, and thus can be used in applications
that support both 5-V and 12-V systems.
2. OUT1 and OUT2 pins
Single-phase coil outputs.
The output is a high side inverted, low side single bipolar output. Since a regeneration circuit is included on chip, the
kickback current is regenerated across the low side NPN output even if a diode is used to protect the circuit against
being destroyed by reversed polarity connection.
3. INand IN+ pins
Hall element inputs.
The Hall signal is amplified to be a square wave by the Hall amplifier, which has hysteresis characteristics.
A hysteresis of ±3.5 mV (typical) is applied. A Hall input signal amplitude of 70 mV or higher is recommended.
4. CT pin
The capacitor connected between this pin and ground forms a protection circuit that prevents coil burnout if the motor
If the motor load returns to an appropriate level, the automatic recovery circuit will restart motor rotation. The lock
detection time can be set by changing the value of the capacitor.
If a 0.47 µF capacitor is used:
Lock detection time:
About 0.5 second
Lock protection time/automatic recovery time: About 0.16 second (output on)
About 1 second (output off)
This pin should be tied to ground if the lock protection function is not used.
5. RD pin
This is an open collector output that is low while the motor is turning and high impedance when the locked state is
This is a latch type output that holds the output high-impedance state if motor rotation is not restarted by the
automatic recovery circuit.
6. ST and HB pins
ST pin: Stops motor drive when a high level is input.
When ST is high, the RD pin output will go to the high-impedance state indicating lock protection mode.
HB pin: Switches the Hall bias. When a high level is input to the ST pin, applications should switch the Hall bias to
suppress standby mode current drain.
Both these pins should be left open if unused.
7. Thermal shutdown circuit
This circuit protects the IC by limiting the output current if the IC internal temperature reaches Tj = 180°C.
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