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Descripción Baseband Processor for FP & PP DECT and WDCT
Fabricantes National Semiconductor 
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SC14428 Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
March 2004
Baseband Processor for FP & PP DECT and WDCT
1.0 General description
.The SC14428 is a CMOS IC optimized to handle all the
audio, signal and data processing needed within a DECT
(1.9 GHz) or 2.4GHz ISM digital band base stations and
A four channel ADPCM transcoder, a very low power 16 bit
Codec and Analog Frontend are integrated. Direct connec-
tions towards PSTN or ISDN line interface are possible.
The SC14428 has a programmable Generic DSP opti-
mized for telecom applications.
The SC14428 is designed to fit to any radio interface. A
dedicated TDMA controller handles all physical layer slot
formats and radio control.
National Semiconductor’s standard CompactRISCTM
CR16C microprocessor takes care of all the higher protocol
2.0 Features
Complies with DECT ETS 300 175-2,3 & 8 SWAP-CA
V1.3 Rev 1.3 20000616
1.8Volt operating voltage with 2.65V (typ) IO pads.
Two chip low drop voltage regulators
16 bit CompactRISCTM CR16C Microprocessor with
programmable clock speeds up to 20.736 MHz.
Four channel DMA controller.
Serial Debug interface, Nexus Class-1 compliant.
16kbyte shared, 6kbyte non shared RAM
4kbyte shared RAM for TAM DSP
Versions with ROM, FLASH and data FLASH
Programmable 16 bits system bus interface with bus
master and slave operation.
User programmable GENeric DSP with fixed telecom
processing routines.
Four full duplex 32 kbits/sec ADPCM transcoder.
On-chip Dedicated Instruction Processor (DiP) for all
TDMA based events, which supports DCT 1.152MHz,
0.576MHz and 0.288MHz data rates.
ISM band and DECT with 9.216, 10.368 and 13.824 MHz
Protected and unprotected full and double slot B-fields
Flexible 1.152 Mbit/sec three wire interface to radio front
One 16-bit linear CODEC
Selectable Fast Antenna Diversity operation or RSSI
measurement with peak hold ADC.
Three input general purpose 8 bit ADC
Two general purpose timers and watch dog timer.
Two Capture timers for frequency measurement for e.g.
metering, ringing and call progress tone detection.
Three general purpose I/O ports with two edge/level pro-
grammable interrupts
Full duplex UART and MICROWIRETM interface.
SPITM interface (Master/Slave).
Flexible 8 kHz synchronous Serial interface to external
codecs and ISDN interface circuits.
Three programmable chip selects
Integrated opamp for caller-id
(80 pin PFQP and 80,)128,160 pins TQFP packages.
3.0 System Diagram
CompactRISCTM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
© 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation

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SC14428 pdf
3.The protection current can be calculated as follows:
In case P1[6]/PON, P1[7]/CHARGE, VBAT3, P2[3]/ADC1 is input,
Iprotxxx_max = (Vext - 2.55)/(500+Rext)
Rext is an external resistor which is needed if the external voltage Vext exceeds the 2.8V.
(A lower protection current value of e.g. 100 uA is recommended in case power saving is important)
In case P1[6]/PON, P1[7]/CHARGE , P2[3]/ADC1 is output, Iprotxxx_max = (VDDIO - 2.55)/(500)
4.For pads with the protection circuit enabled, the protection current must be limited with external
source resistor Rext if the input voltage exceeds 0.4V resp 1.4V. Rext can be calculated as follows:
Rext >(Vext-1.4)/Iprotxxx).
5.Within this temperature range full operation is guaranteed.Upto +70 degrees Celsius analog perfor-
mance is not guaranteed.
5.0 Product Status Definitions
Datasheet Status
Advance Information
Product Status
Formative or in Design
First Production
No Identification Noted
Full production
Not in Production
6.0 National Semiconductor B.V reserves the right to make
changes without notice to any products herein to improve
reliability, function or design. National does not assume any
liability arising out of the application or use of any product or
circuit described herein; neither does it convey any license
under its patent rights, nor the right of others.
This data sheet contains the design specifications for
product development. Specifications may change in any
manner without notice.
This data sheet contains preliminary data. Supplementa-
ry data will be published at a later date. National Semi-
conductor Corporation reserves the right to make
changes at any time without notice in order to improve
design and supply the best possible product.
This data sheet contains final specifications. National
Semiconductor Corporation reserves the right to make
changes at any time without notice in order to improve
design and supply the best possible product.
This data sheet contains specifications on a product that
has been discontinued by National Semiconductor Cor-
poration. The datasheet is printed for reference informa-
tion only.
Revision 1.0 (Confidential)

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