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Número de pieza BA028LBSG
Descripción Super-mini package regulator IC
Fabricantes Rohm 
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Regulator ICs
Super-mini package regulator IC
BAfffLBSG series
The BAfffLBSG (the “fff” indicates the output voltage value) is a low-saturation series regulator IC employing
the super-mini mold package of the SMP5 (2916 package). Equipped with a power-saving function that reduces current
consumption, it also offers outstanding ripple rejection and other characteristics, and is ideal for cellular telephones and
other compact telephones.
Residential / industrial device power supplies for cellular
telephones such as the CDMA and GSM, and for other
portable communication devices
1) Internal output transistor (Io = 150mA)
2) Internal temperature protection circuit
3) Power-saving function enables designs with low cur-
rent consumption
4) High level of ripple rejection (R.R. = 66dB)
5) SMP5 super-mini package enables space-saving
6) Low I / O voltage differential (90mV Typ. at Io =
Super-mini regulator lineup
Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25°C)
Recommended operating conditions (Ta = 25°C)

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BA028LBSG pdf
Regulator ICs
BA030LBSG (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25°C, VCC = 4.0V)
BAfffLBSG series

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BA028LBSGSuper-mini package regulator ICRohm
BA028LBSG(BAxxxLBSG) Super-mini package regulator ICRohm

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