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Número de pieza AD547
Descripción High Performance/ BiFET Operational Amplifiers
Fabricantes Analog Devices 
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AD547 datasheet

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AD547 pdf
Figure 10. Open Loop Voltage
Gain vs. Supply Voltage
Figure 11. Power Supply Rejection
vs. Frequency
Figure 12. Common-Mode Rejection
Ratio vs. Frequency
Figure 13. Quiescent Current vs.
Supply Voltage
Figure 14. Large Signal Frequency
Figure 15. AD544 Output Swing and
Error vs. Settling Time
Figure 16. AD544 Total Harmonic
Distortion vs. Frequency
Figure 17. Input Noise Voltage
Spectral Density
Figure 18. Total RMS Noise vs.
Source Resistance

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AD547 arduino
This particular log ratio circuit is free from the dynamic prob-
lems that plague many other log circuits. The –3 dB bandwidth
is 50 kHz over the top 3 decades, 100 nA to 100 µA, and de-
creases smoothly at lower input levels. This circuit needs no ad-
ditional frequency compensation for stable operation from
input current sources, such as photodiodes, that may have 100
pF of shunt capacitance. For larger input capacitances a 20 pF
integration capacitor around each amplifier will provide a
smoother frequency response.
This log ratio amplifier can be readily adjusted for optimum
accuracy by following this simple procedure. First, apply V1 =
V2 = –10.00 V and adjust “Balance” for VOUT = 0.00 V. Next
apply V1 = –10.00 V, V2 = –1.00 V and adjust gain for VOUT =
+1.00 V. Repeat this procedure until gain and balance readings
are within 2 mV of ideal values.
Figure 34. Differentiator
Figure 35. Low Drift Integrator and
Low Leakage Guarded Reset
Figure 36. Wien-Bridge
Oscillator–fO = 10 kHz
Figure 37. Capacitance
Figure 38. Long Interval
Timer–1,000 Seconds
Figure 39. Positive Peak Detector

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