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Número de pieza XPCSC00551
Descripción Pre-connectorised Optical Riser Cable
Fabricantes Prysmian 
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Pre-connectorised Optical Riser Cable – Full Assembly
Prysmian Part Numbers: See page 4
Note: Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may not be representative of final product.
A pre-connectorised optical riser cable with a fan-out and fibres pre-connectorised with SC/APC connectors. The
cable is available with 48, 96 or 144 fibres and is pre-connectorised and controlled in the factory. The cable
contains a number of Flextube® each containing 4 fibres.
The riser cable is suitable for indoor installation on cable tray, in corridors or in shafts. Easy selection and removal
of a Flextube® up to 6m for tapping and connection at the floor. The fully dry flexible micro-modules (Flextube® )
provide easier storage & faster installation and access to the fibres without specific tools and without further
Features and Benefits
• Available in fibre counts of 48, 96 or 144.
• All fibres supplied terminated with SC/APC connectors.
• Test certificate supplied with each assembly.
• Supplied with G.657.A2 BendBright®-XS fibres.
• Gel free micro modules for faster installation.
• FTTx
• Telecommunications
Cable Design
Micro-module: Thin wall tubing (Flextube®), housing BendBright®-XS optical
fibres. Without any gel.
Assembly of 12, 24 or 36 Flextube®
Strength members: glass fibre reinforced plastic material.
Outer Sheath: LSZH-FR material.
Not to scale
Two lines in positive relief located at 90° from the RSM, in order to position the
cable opening window.
AC031, Issue 01, March 2014
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