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Descripción VCTCXO
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IQXT-210 Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
VCTCXO Specification
ISSUE 1; April 2016
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator available with or
without voltage control
Please note: This document is intended to illustrate the
general capability and versatility of IQD’s design. For specific
enquiries please contact one of IQD’s Sales Offices where we
can tailor a unique specification to meet your needs.
Standard model options:-
IQXT-210-1 HCMOS, no pulling
IQXT-210-2 Clipped sine, no pulling
IQXT-210-3 HCMOS, with pulling
IQXT-210-4 Clipped sine, with pulling
Frequency Parameters
10.0MHz to 50.0MHz
Frequency Tolerance
Tolerance Condition
@ 25°C, 3.3V &
Frequency Stability
±0.05ppm to ±1.00ppm
±0.02ppm max per day, ±1ppm
max per year
Frequency Tolerance (measurement referenced to frequency
observed with TA=25°C, Vs=3.3V, VC=1.5V/NC and within 30
days after ex-works)
Frequency Stability: TA varied across the operating
temperature range, measurement referenced to frequency
observed with TA=25°C, Vs=3.3V, VC=1.5V/NC,
load=15pF/10kΩ//10pF and temperature variable speed less
than 2°C per minute.
Ageing: TA=25°C, Vs=3.3V, VC=1.5V/NC and after 1hr of
Supply Voltage Variation (measurement referenced to
frequency observed with TA=25°C, Vs varied from 3.13V to
3.47V, VC=1.5V/NC and load=15pF/10kΩ//10pF): ±0.1ppm
Load Variation (5% load change measurement referenced to
frequency observed with TA=25°C, Vs=3.3V, VC=1.5V/NC and
load=15pF/10kΩ//10pF): ±0.1ppm max
Short Term Stability (@ 25°C after 10mins power on): 5E-10/s
typ @ 10MHz
Developed Frequencies: 10.0MHz, 12.80MHz, 13.0MHz,
16.320MHz, 16.3840MHz, 19.20MHz, 19.440MHz, 20.0MHz,
25.0MHz, 26.0MHz, 30.720MHz, 38.880MHz, 40.0MHz
Electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage
3.3V ±5%
Current: TA=25°C, Vs=3.3V, VC=1.5V/NC and
Frequency Adjustment
±10ppm to ±15ppm
Control Voltage
1.5V ±1.5V
Linearity: ±10% max
Slope: Positive
Input Impedance: 100kΩ min
Note: 50MHz device has a reduced pulling range of ±5ppm to
±10ppm (please contact the IQD sale office to discuss your
Sales Office Contact Details:
UK: +44 (0)1460 270200
Germany: 0800 1808 443
France: 0800 901 383
USA: +1.760.318.2824
Printed on 26 Apr 16 12:01 using Model Data Sheet V1.2550
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