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Descripción Two-Phase Half-Wave Variable Speed Fan Motor Driver
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LB1861M Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
LB1860, LB1860M,
LB1861, LB1861M
Monolithic Digital IC
Two-Phase Half-Wave
Variable Speed
Fan Motor Driver
The LB1860 series ICs are drivers for two-phase unipolar drive DC
brushless fan motors. They have functions such as driving, lock
protection, restart and speed control.
Two-speed mode select function requiring less external component
additions : Full speed and Low speed. Or, thermistor-controlled
continuous variable-speed function according to ambient operation
Motor starts rotating at a low speed.
Motor lock protection and automatic return circuit built in
Output transistors: Output current IO = 1.5 A, output circuit protection
Zener diodes
(LB1860 : M-Vz = 57 V/ LB1861: M-Vz = 32 V)
Enables low-level noise protection with chip capacitor.
Built-in thermal shutdown circuit Built-in rotation detect function
(Drive mode: ‘‘L’’, Stop mode: ‘‘H’’)
The LB1860 series can be operated from either 12 V or 24 V power
supply by changing an external resistor.
(Strong protection against power supply surge)
Connectable direct to a Hall element
PDIP10 / DIP10S (300 mil)
[LB1860, LB1861]
SOIC14 W / MFP14S (225 mil)
[LB1860M, LB1861M]
See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 8 of this data sheet.
© Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2014
August 2014 - Rev. 0
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1 When a fan is rotating, the capacitor is charged at 4 µA (typ) and discharged through the C with pulses according to the
rotational speed.
2 When a fan is locked, no discharge occurs through the C and the C voltage rises, turning OFF the output at 0.8 × VIN.
3 When the output is turned OFF, discharge occurs through the C at 0.5 µA (typ). If the lock is not released when the C voltage
drops to VTH2, the capacitor is charged to VTH1 again. (At this moment, the output is turned ON.) These operations 2 and
3 repeated at a cycle of approximately ton : toff = 1:6 protect a motor.
4 If the lock is released when the C voltage drops to VTH2, the output is turned ON, starting rotation.
.(6) Rotation detect signal (RD pin)
Open collector output (Drive mode: ‘‘L’’, Stop mode: ‘‘H’’)
(7) Radio noise reducing (Pins B1, B2)
. Base pin of Darlington connection output transistor
. If radio noises need to be processed properly, the following actions should be taken:
1 Connect a capacitor of 0.01 µ to 0.1 µF between B1 and B2.
2 Connect a capacitor of 0.001 µ to 0.01 µF between OUT and B.
If output causes oscillation, add a resistor of 200 to 1 kin series with a capacitor.
.(8) Thermal shutdown function
Shutdown the driver output in case of coil short-circuiting and abnormal IC heating.
Thermistor-controlled Application Circuit Example
Figure 2
Output Timing Chart
Noise elimination
Use of a thermistor enables motor speed to
be sensitive to the operating ambient
The Rt pin voltage at Ta = 20 °C has
1.42 ms of ‘toff’ as calculated in expression
4 with the application constant of Figure 2.
However, the Rt pin voltage at Ta = 40 °C
is reduced into less than the Vct (= 1.3 V)
level, which results in a 0 of ‘toff’. This
means the 100% duty.
t = –C2 c R2 c 1n (VIN – VRt) ............. 4
( ): MFP14S
Unit (resistance: , capacitance: F)
Hall input
Discharge pulse
Ct voltage
Output ‘off’ signal
OUT1 current
OUT2 current
All-phase ON waveform
Control output waveform
Figure 3

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